What is CamRate?

CamRate makes it easier than ever to share your opinions with the world, as well as see what the community think about the topics that interest you!

Are you a passionate reviewer or rater? Do you trust the opinions of real people rather than advertising? You need CamRate. We all have useful opinions and we love to rate and review, however it's a time consuming process and a hassle knowing where to go to rate what. CamRate helps you:

Save time: in an instant and in one place CamRate is an easy way to create and discover useful opinions about anything.

Make better decisions: Help yourself and those around you to make better decisions, informed straight from the CamRate community!


Who can use CamRate?

1. Real Reviewers

Do you have a ratings itch that you just have to scratch? Do you have an opinion on everything from the last burger you ate to the last album you heard? Do you want to share that opinion with the wider world? You need CamRate.

2. Subject Experts

Are you an expert on a specific subject? If you want to share that knowledge with other enthusiasts through reviews and discussions, CamRate lets you engage with like-minded people.

3. Opinion seekers

Do you trust the opinions of real people more than you trust the media and brands? Do you read real-life reviews before you make a decision? CamRate is growing everyday to become a hub with thousands of reviews across all topics, all authenticated by the power of ratings.

CamRate is available now.